Outpatient Ambulatory Medical Care

BCAR provides infectious disease medical care via telemedicine with HIV specialists located at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center to adult HIV-positive residents of the Abilene Health Services Delivery Area (HSDA), which includes (19 Abilene HSDA) Counties. BCAR is the only Ryan White funded agency funding HIV medical services in the Abilene area..

The Telemedicine clinic provides HIV-specific health services, focusing on the prevention of illness and the ongoing management of chronic conditions through a coordinated team effort that includes physicians, medical case management, LVN, and medical assistant along with our supportive service case managers, patient navigators and administrative staff. BCAR partners with Texas Tech University Health Science Center’s Infectious Disease Department and their treating physicians to provide this service to our clients,

Services are provided to eligible HIV-positive adults at any point on the HIV disease continuum (symptomatic or asymptomatic) within an environment of dignity and respect. Proof of HIV-positive status must be documented on all patients.

The clinic accepts uninsured, Medicare, Medicaid, and some private insurance plans; however, no one is refused services based on inability to pay.

Big Country AIDS Resources adheres to the highest standards of confidentiality. Personal health information is disclosed only as necessary for treatment, clinic administration (i.e., governmental data monitoring), and as requested by the patient.